Project Partners

Polish-Norwegian consortium

GREEN-COMP project consortium

GREEN-COMP partners are involved in the composites research and/or manufacturing chain, and have a strong interest in research and innovation in composites recycling. All participants would like to develop their research and innovation potential in this domain, which they consider as presenting very high development potential.

The project consortium consists of 5 partners, both SME and R&D institutions. 

TMBK Partners Sp. z o.o.

Warsaw, Poland, Project Coordinator

TMBK Partners Sp. z o.o. is a Polish SME specializing in providing solutions for producers of polymer composite structures offering new functionalities for expanding their application range and increasing their market value. Our flagship product, CNT-doped thermoplastic veils, are ultralight nonwovens dedicated for the production of composites to improve their electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. TMBK offers services for the development of processing and testing conditions for plastics with fillers, including nanofillers, and actively participates in European research projects which offer us access to the latest technology and product solutions.

Specific role in the project: Development an effective approach for the utilization composite waste in thermoplastic polymers. Characterization of the composites’ properties including physicochemical, microstructure observations. Project management. 

NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Gjøvik, Norway

NTNU is the largest university in Norway. The department involved in the project is the Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering, at the Gjøvik campus, and specifically NTNU’s Laboratory of Advanced and Sustainable Engineering Materials – ASEMlab. ASEMlab is currently involved in 6 EU and 5 Nationally funded projects in the field of polymer and composites. ASEMlab has state-of-the-art lab facilities, experience and equipment for field testing and close co-operation with industry.

Specific role in the project: Development of a waste management tool based on information on constituents that determines recycling possibilities of conventional and state-of-the-art composites. The partners will analyze possibilities of further developing the tool so that it could be used for FRP composites.

GCS – Global Consulting Sustainability AS

Viken, Norway

GCS AS is a consulting SME located in Norway and specialised in environmental diagnostic and sustainability applications. Our focus is on issues linked to social, environmental, and economic aspects of projects, actions, or policies. GCS is specialized in conducting Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis – LCSA (i.e., life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle costing (LCC), and social life cycle analysis (SLCA)) studies, environmental and social due diligence (ESDD), ESG reporting, cost-benefit analysis (CBA), climate- and sustainability analytics – among others – for larger and smaller industrial systems in the energy and mobility sectors, the construction, the mining, and the agriculture sector.

Specific role in the project: Development of a life cycle assessment (LCA) model to evaluate environmental impacts associated with different composites’ recycling paths.

AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology

Warsaw, Poland

AFIT is the leader in Scientific and Research support for military aviation technology in Poland. The structure of AFIT includes 10 research and development divisions, with specialised laboratories accredited by the Ministry of National Defence and the Polish Centre of Accreditation. AFIT cooperates with the largest Polish and foreign armament manufactures and Armed Forces companies, carrying out work for, among others, NATO, the European Defence Agency and the Space Agency and the European Commission. One of the main areas of the institute’s development are composite structures. AFIT works on development of new production technologies as well as composite patch bonding repair of aircraft structures.

Specific role in the project:  Development of the mechanical recycling process of selected composites wastes and analyzing the physicochemical properties of composites.

NOMA Resins Sp. z o.o.

Gliwice, Poland

NOMA Resins Sp. z o.o. is an SME from Poland, specializing in the production of resins, in particular epoxy resins. The offer of NOMA also includes auxiliary materials necessary in the technological process of composite production. NOMA produces, among others, prepregs in the form of textiles and tapes as well as SMC/BMC materials (also with recyclate) and composite elements (e.g., for public transport). Taking advantage of the fact that NOMA produces its own formulation, the company has the ability to personalize products and improve them in cooperation with clients and according to their needs. A newly developed product is rSMC/BMC semi-finished product, based on recycled carbon fibres and fillers based on cured epoxy residues. This approach allowed us to effectively reuse both carbon fibres and resins in the form of fully valuable composite material for demanding applications.

Specific role in the project: Development of the chemical recycling process of the selected composite waste.